Davide Anselmi

Davide Anselmi

  • Birthday: 1999-09-27
  • Place of birth: Italy


Davide Anselmi is the Italian award-winning Drummer, Guitarist, Songwriter/Lyricist, Discographic & Cinematographic producer, Composer for Discovery Channel, BBC and AMC ( Soundtracks Drums and Percussions parts ). Among the awards he received : “ BEST PROG ROCK Orchestral 2013 Song “, “YOUNGEST ORCHESTRAL 2013 Composer “, “ BEST PROG ROCK ALBUM Under 35 of 2016 “ and now he’s on the list for winning two other awards like : “Digital Gold Award - to the future milestone of 100,000 copies sold“ and Design AWARDS 2017 for “BEST CDs Minimalist Artwork“. He composed seven albums among which : ECLIPSE, The Trilogy ( A Series of Catastrophic Events pt.1 / 2 & Theory of Everything ), Singles ( Equation of Links & Overture ), Walking Tragically and TEARSTONE. Progressive Rock / Metal, Jazz, Hard Rock and Orchestral Drummer, he’s best known for his innate technique, grown mostly in recent years. Davide recently has attracted more attention to a wider audience by joining ( as external collaborator ) in the following films: the last film of Maze Runner trilogy and in the second part of the film "Pacific Rim”. His songs are broadcasted for 24.5% of broadcast television programs in Italy by the Discovery Channel channels, and the rest of the world for 6.8%. Davide received at the beginning of 2015 an honorary degree in sound engineering, not for the study of sound engineering faculty, however, for the way of composing the songs, and sounds contained within his albums, and in relation to this, he was appointed as an educator certified by PROMARK.